What will you Discover?

Summer’s here … what will you discover? English Cathedrals take you to the moon and back to earth by way of dinosaurs – or rather  most famous

It’s Coming Home

It’s coming home … Not that ….(but we want that to come home too!!) but the baton that has been passed Olympic style between every

Pilgrim Passports

2020 is Year of Cathedrals Year of Pilgrimage – but don’t take our word for it … Take a look at the brilliant blog, Clara and the Cathedrals

What does pilgrimage mean?

A local vicar is to make a 20-mile pilgrimage to Bury St Edmunds Cathedral to mark the 1000th year of the Abbey of St Edmund and raise money for

Online Pilgrimage Anyone?

2020 Year of Cathedrals, Year of Pilgrimage hasn’t gone away – it‘s just gone online. To be a pilgrim….from the comfort of your own home Online

Birmingham Choir Pilgrimage

And they’re off…. Choristers from Birmingham Cathedral kick start their own ‘Year of Pilgrimage’ with a tour of performances over the border.