Bradford Cathedral – Artist in Residence

16th June 2022

It was tricky being an artist in residence during the lockdowns, but Bradford Cathedral’s Kate Abbey decided to take her work outdoors and the resulting body of work goes on display in the cathedral from this weekend.

Bradford Cathedral – As we journey together: an exploration of Faith in Bradford

Her photographic exhibition, called ‘As we journey together: an exploration of Faith in Bradford’ explores the multi-faith community unique to the city and asks the question: ‘is it possible to photograph faith?’.

More details of the exhibition can be found here.

Kate met members of the Cathedral’s congregation in parks, gardens, and then, when she could, their homes. As the residency progressed and the work deepened, the project expanded, exploring many different faiths as well as personal spirituality.

Kate Abbey said:

“It was always important to show each sitter’s home within the portraits; there is so much we can learn from their personal landscape. I want the viewer to recognise themselves in the images, as well as appreciate the differences.

“Although each sitter is alone, they are not isolated, whether it be with their God, with myself taking the shots or together with the other portraits in the exhibition.

“As part of the portrait process, I interviewed the sitters to learn more about their specific religions and their personal journey; this created a deeper understanding between us. It allowed me an insight into their beliefs, and unexpectedly raised questions around my own spiritual journey and perception of faith,” she said.

The photographs position the people of Bradford back into the congregation displayed as they are between the pillars of Bradford Cathedral’s nave and will be accompanied by special audio recordings Kate created with her sitters during the period.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 18th June and runs until Saturday 30th July during the cathedral’s usual opening hours.

Pic is Dr Manoj Joshi, one of the sitters who appears in the exhibition.