St Edmundsbury to open Warm Space this Winter

25th October 2022

St Edmundsbury Cathedral is opening a warm space to the public following increases in energy prices and growing inflation.

St Edmundsbury Cathedral to open warm space this Winter.

The warm space is located in the diocesan library at St Edmundsbury Cathedral and will come furnished with comfortable chairs, free tea and coffee, an opportunity to charge electronic devices and desks available for those wishing to work in a warm environment.

There will also be board games and jigsaw puzzles available. It will be open to all who need it on Thursdays from 10.00 am – 3.00 pm and will be overseen by two members of cathedral staff or volunteers.

The warm space will open for the first time on Thursday 3 November.

According to the End Fuel Poverty Coalition, 3.2 million households were in fuel poverty in England in 2020 – determined when a household is unable to afford to heat (or cool) their home to an adequate temperature.

With rising fuel costs, this number is set to hit 7 million this year.

Revered Sarah Geileskey, Assistant Priest at St Edmundsbury Cathedral, has been instrumental in setting up the facility.

She said,

“As individuals, we cannot solve the cost of living crisis so it makes sense to work together and to share what we have. 

“In becoming part of the national network, the Cathedral is sharing this particular ‘warm space’ into which we hope you will bring and share with others your company, your advice, your support and encouragement.

“A warm welcome, a cup of tea: the simplest things will make a huge difference this winter,” she added.

You can find other warm spaces near you as Warm Welcome and Warm Spaces.