Lenten Art in our Cathedrals

01st March 2023

An exhibition which describes the moment in the Gospel when Jesus is taken down from the cross has gone on show in Bradford Cathedral this Lent.

The Deposition of Christ by artist Simon Rice will be on display until April 7 and will be used as part of the Cathedral’s “Preaching the Cross” event on Good Friday.

Alongside the artwork are storyboards that tell the story of the creation of the piece.

Artist, Simon Rice said:

“The Deposition of Christ is a moment in the gospel accounts when Jesus was taken down from the cross to be laid in the tomb. It is a passing moment; a necessary transition in the story but captured here on canvas.

“The painting is surprising and jarring. It is both realistic and surreal. It is muted and dark but with splashes of colour.”

The Revd Ned Lunn, Canon for Intercultural Mission and the Arts, said:

“We are excited to host this piece during the season of Lent and hope it provokes reflection and conversation about the process of creating art and the role inspiration and faith plays in it.”

Bradford Lent Art Exhibition

Read an interview with the artist here.

Chichester Cathedral has announced the appointment of artist-in-residence, Anne Grebby who will be creating a painted triptych depicting the Baptism of Christ.

Visitors to the Cathedral will be invited to see Anne at work, and during occasion, be able to speak to her directly about her creative practice.

She has exhibited work in a number of sacred spaces, including at All Saints Church, Hove, Lincoln Cathedral, the Convent Refettrio di San Michelle, Italy, and at a Jewish Synagogue in Essengen, Germany.

She said:

“This opportunity to be Artist in Residence at Chichester Cathedral is an exciting way of communicating through painting – of entering the biblical narrative and exploring its meanings alongside the public.”

“Painting is a way of harnessing and expressing things which are seemingly insignificant – but full of meaningful implications. It can bring to the surface realities which we may sense are there but often ignored or missed.

“In other words, painting is a way of seeing and communicating both the seen and the unseen,’ she added.

Her residency is in the Chapel of St John the Baptist in the east of the Cathedral until April 1.

Guildford Cathedral has welcomed back British painter and art-historian Iain McKillop with his new exhibition of 27 paintings entitled ‘Through Passion: Stations of the Cross’ for Lent.

Using the tradition of the Stations of the Cross, the exhibition invites the viewer to travel with Jesus on his journey to his death and resurrection and to pause at each image for reflection, prayer, and contemplation. It is available until April 10.

Guildford Stations of the Cross

Iain has exhibited works in many cathedrals and churches throughout the UK including Guildford Cathedral in 2022. He has also trained in theology and is an ordained Anglican minister.