Llandaff Epstein, Christ in Majesty, 1954. Photo by Martin Crampin

Llandaff – ‘Ecclesiart in Cathedrals’

Event Details

  • Location: Llandaff
  • Address: Llandaff, Cardiff, South Wales, CF5 2LA
  • Start date: 13th September 2024
  • End date: 13th September 2024
  • Times: 12.30 - 13.30
  • Entry fee: £20

Join us for a tour with A+C Director, Laura Moffatt, as we look at the art from the last century in Llandaff Cathedral.

Highlights include Christ in Majesty by Jacob Epstein, the extraordinary contribution of Frank Ropers’ gilded metalwork in the Lady Chapel, and George Pace’s moving typographic work in stone panels in the Welsh Regiment Chapel.

This tour is one of a series of tours taking place during the year in different cathedrals. We’re calling the series ‘Ecclesiart in Cathedrals’ as the tours are a direct result of many years’ work on a part of the A+C website called Ecclesiart – an online resources that spotlights over 100 modern and contemporary works of art in churches and cathedrals.

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Led by Laura Moffatt – a leading expert in art in places of worship – these tours are a ‘director’s pick’ of unusual and often overlooked works of art in cathedrals. Most tours in cathedral focus on their architecture and on historic artefacts, but cathedrals are living buildings and the contributions of artists of recent generations comprise a treasure trove of delights.

Christ in Majesty by Jacob Epstein.  Photo:Martin Crampin.