St Albans ‘Passes Go’

01st March 2024

St Albans has landed its very own special edition MONOPOLY board – after fighting off stiff competition from five other potential Hertfordshire

How are our Cathedrals Funded?

22nd January 2024

Listen back – the funding debate. Great to hear two of our cathedral Deans on BBC R4’s Sunday Show open up the conversation around how our

St Albans Felipe the Sheep

30th November 2023

St Albans Cathedral will launch their first children’s story book this Sunday (3 December) that tells the story of a sheep that is lost and now

For All The Saints

31st October 2023

“Many of those who have come to wonder at our Saints in Colour Project remark on seeing them for the first time as human beings, just like us,

Cathedral Tripadvisor Awards

17th August 2023

Cathedrals dominate Tripadvisor awards. The votes are in … 80 per cent of our cathedrals are in the top ten per cent and York is in the top one

St Alban’s Day

22nd June 2023

The community of St Alban is getting ready to come together to celebrate Britain’s first saint, St Alban this weekend. Happy St Alban’s Day! The

Cathedrals Summer 2022

16th August 2022

A round up of what’s on this Summer at a Cathedral near you. Here we look at Sheffield, Liverpool, Chester and St Albans Sheffield has

Faith and Science Funding

06th July 2022

Three of our cathedrals have been awarded funding which will allow them to explore the relationship between science and faith in fresh new ways.

History made at St Albans

25th May 2022

A peregrine falcon chick successfully hatched on St Albans Cathedral last week, making history as the first of the species to be born in the

Eco Churches conference

15th May 2022

Cathedrals in the East of England are joining forces to host an online conference to help churches play their part in achieving the Church of