Updated – Cathedral Peregrine Webcams

29th March 2023

As we enter the 2024 nesting season for Peregrine falcons – here is an update on all the LIVE webcams from cathedrals with nesting boxes.

Live Cathedral Peregrine Webcams for the 2024 Season.

Updated – all the live peregrine falcon webcams for English cathedrals in 2024.

  • Chichester Cathedral – coming soon for 2024 here.
  • Derby Cathedral – two webcams are live NOW and can be found here
  • Ely Cathedral – this one is not online yet, but keep checking back when it is nesting season here
  • Leicester Cathedral – all live and running now in 2024 with multiple webcams on this link here
  • Norwich Cathedral – Click here for a live video stream of the Norwich Peregrines courtesy of the Hawk and Owl Trust.
  • Salisbury Cathedral – should be live soon. Watch here.
  • St Albans Cathedral – not live in 2024 yet, but their webcam is here
  • Wakefield Cathedral – have two webcams here for their Peregrine Falcons. Both cams are live now.
  • Winchester Cathedral – Live Peregrine Webcam here
  • Worcester Cathedral’s live webcam is here

News for cathedral peregrine falcons from previous seasons follows below … 

Breaking (eggs are literally breaking): Winnie and William have their first chicks at Winchester cathedral.

Two chicks have hatched on the same day, Thursday 28th April – see photo below and here’s the link to watch them live > Winchester Peregrine Live Webcam.

Winchester Peregrine first eggs hatch

Some peregrines return year after year but every we welcome new ones in the nesting and hatching season. Here are links to as many live peregrine webcams as we can find.

  • Coming very soon – Norwich cathedral courtesy of the Hawk and Own Trust. Watch here. (Keep checking back, it will go live as soon as things start to happen).
  • Salisbury cathedral peregrines (First egg has been laid as of March 21st 2022)  Watch live here.

Peregrine Falcon Live webcams - Salisbury first egg of 2022

  • The peregrines at Wakefield cathedral have their own website with live cam coverage here.
  • Derby cathedral have two webcams trained on their peregrine nesting boxes. Take a look here.
  • Ely cathedral’s webcam is also provided by the Hawk and Owl trust – watch that here.
  • Watch Chichester’s here.
  • Winchester also have two webcams – you can watch them both at the same time just in case you might miss something. Click here.
  • These peregrines are in Sheffield but not on the cathedral, these are on Sheffield University (clever birds). Watch them here.
  • We are struggling to find Lincoln’s webcam – the last record we have is this but anyone has a more up to date version, let us know.

cathedral peregrines nesting


If you’re interested in finding out more about the peregrines …

Edith. Norwich Cathedral's new peregrine falcon