The Favourite Cathedrals of England

20th December 2021

Christmas came early for our three competition winners.

The favourite cathedrals of England. As voted by you.

Chosen at random out of almost 900 entrants to win a copy of Simon Jenkins’ new book, Europe’s 100 Best Cathedrals.

In it, the author and journalist explores the role of history in telling the stories behind these magnificent buildings demonstrating the cathedrals’ central role in the European imagination.

He writes:

“They represent its most embedded institution, Christianity, in all its finery… Even today no other buildings on earth can compare with these structures. They are history and geography, art and science, mind and body in one…’

This is the first study of Europe’s best 100 cathedrals – and we’re proud to say 13 Church of England cathedrals, St Davids in Wales and Kirkwall in Orkney all make the list.

But which did you choose?

Eight hundred and seventy two of you took the time to take part in our competition to name your favourite English Cathedral and why. And we are super pleased that EVERY ONE of our Church of England Cathedrals got more than one vote – as well as St Davids and Llandaff from the Church in Wales.

This means every one of our cathedrals is someone’s favourite.

But who won? A clue: It was very close.

There was only one vote between your first and second choice and again only one vote between your third and fourth placed cathedrals … while number 5 wasn’t far behind!

Watch this little video to find out who were the top 10 cathedrals.


  1. York Minster
  2. Durham
  3. Lincoln
  4. Ely
  5. Salisbury
  6. Canterbury
  7. Wells
  8. Liverpool
  9. Winchester
  10. Norwich

Our competition winners were:

Carolyn Taylor, who chose Salisbury because it is just so beautiful;

Louise Round, who chose Liverpool after a recent visit because she enjoyed its vastness and how peaceful it was. She also liked the Tracey Emin neon and felt really at home there.

Helga Brandt who chose Canterbury, where she grew up, for its amazing history and wonderful memories.