Take a virtual tour of Salisbury Cathedral wherever you are!

11th January 2013

Everyone who has access to the internet can now take an amazing virtual tour of Salisbury Cathedral and even find themselves at the base of England’s tallest spire seeing the medieval scaffolding and the spectacular views across the city and surrounding countryside.

Now the 2020 version of Salisbury Cathedral’s Virtual Tour is here with a very arty feel.

David Coulthard, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Cathedral, said “We’re always looking for ways to reach out and engage with the many people who care about and take an interest in this special place, and the digital world offers ever more opportunity. This new initiative by Google, based on their Street View technology, is a great example and it’s something that we’re really excited about. This 360-degree interactive virtual tour provides us with a powerful new way to open up the Cathedral to those who are planning to come here or indeed those who might not be able to be here in person. Now everyone with an internet connection has the opportunity to walk around, explore and interact with the Cathedral wherever they are.

“We’re very pleased with this first version and look forward to continuing to keep it up to date in the future. Without doubt it is a great facility to add to the information we have online for pre and post visit research for worshippers, visitors and pilgrims, the travel trade and schools. There are also a host of other potential uses we are exploring – for instance the Canon Precentor being able to remotely brief visiting clergy about a planned liturgy by leading an online walk-through.”

Salisbury Cathedral’s virtual tour was shot last month by Google photographer John Carratt of Red Leaf Photography, and is easily viewed here.