Salisbury Cathedral’s 32ft Christmas Tree

06th December 2022

Salisbury Cathedral’s 32ft Christmas Tree is now in place!

The Norway Spruce from Longleat Forest went in on Monday 5 December under the supervision of Richard Pike, the Cathedral’s ecclesiastical joiner.

It is Richard’s 32nd tree.

A team from the Works Yard carefully hoisted the tree into place at the Cathedral’s West End in the morning after it was delivered and craned into position inside the cathedral – and by afternoon it was glowing with over 1,000 LED lights.

This year’s tree was originally grown as a ‘nurse’ tree for small self-seeded oaks. By letting the conifers grow tall, the Longleat forestry team protect the little oaks as they develop, using the taller trees to shield them from frost and bad weather, and creating a microclimate in which they can flourish.

The tree will remain in place until Candlemas (2 February), the day on which the Church celebrates the presentation of Jesus in the temple.

Photo Credit – Finnbarr Webster