Ring for the King

18th April 2023

Bellringers across the country are making plans to “Ring for the King” at his coronation next May.

And they need help.

Just announced by the Central Council of Church Bellringers, when and what to Ring for the King on the Coronation on 6th May.

When to ring – ring when you can

It has now been announced the Coronation will take place at Westminster Abbey at 11am on 6th May. Many bands will have already made their arrangements and many ringers may be involved in ringing at more than one tower. For this reason, the CCCBR are not suggesting a specific time to ring, although the morning would be preferable, preceding the Service time. Ringing is encouraged at any time convenient to the ringers and church authorities.

What to ring

They suggest something special, a call change sequence that was used at the 1953 Coronation would be good target for some bands.

You download it here Ring for the King – Coronation 6th May.

Full details on the CCCBR website here.

Ring for the King - what to ring for the coronation

Ring for the King – Appeal to Recruit more bellringers in time for the Coronation.

There are about 6,000 sets of bells across the British Isles, totalling nearly 38,000 bells and only around 30,000 bellringers.

Bellringers often support several towers to fill the gaps and with the announcement of the date for the coronation of the new king, the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers has put out an appeal to recruit more ringers so they are trained in time to Ring for the King.

For centuries church bells have sounded, calling people to worship, in celebration of special occasions, in remembrance and to mark special events.

Cathedrals tolled their bells last month to mark the death of HM The Queen.

Vicki Chapman, of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, said:

“Bellringing is a great way to find new friends, a new hobby, take gentle physical and mental exercise and a great way to connect with local communities.”

Anyone interested in learning to ring can find out more and be put in contact with a local teacher here.