Manchester Flower Show

24th May 2021

Manchester will celebrate the easing of Covid restrictions in flowers this month by bringing the city back into bloom with a floral trail designed to lead people round the city and beyond – and Manchester Cathedral is getting ready to be part of it.

The Manchester Flower Show 29th May – 6th June 2021

In a nod to the tradition of The Manchester Flower and Produce Show – an annual fixture dating from the 1950s until 2003 – the city council and Manchester Bid has asked businesses and local organisations to say it with flowers putting on a show of solidarity and creativity and celebrating key workers in the city.

The aim is to create a trail of floral displays from statues to windows, railings, balconies and doorways that visitors will be able to visit from one to the other like the bee that has become the enduring symbol of the city and its people.

More details on the Manchester Flower Show 2021 and the cathedral’s involvement here.

The Dean of Manchester, the Very Revd Rogers Govender, said:

“A few years ago Manchester Cathedral hosted a flower festival entitled ‘Dig the City’. I was very pleased that the City of Manchester subsequently adopted this theme for a City wide flower and gardening festival. With an end to the current lockdown, the City is now gearing itself for some sense of normality with a flower show.

“ I am very pleased to support this festival as we celebrate all that is good in the life of our City!”

In its heyday The Manchester Flower and Produce Show was a major display of ‘town and country together’, uniting people and communities by exhibiting the best of fruit and vegetable produce, horticultural expertise and inventions, flowers of every sort, livestock from horses to dogs and guinea pigs, plus brass bands, horse-jumping and the Red Arrows display team!

In 2018 Manchester BID revived The Manchester Flower Show as a modern boutique inner city garden and flower festival and have now shaped it 2021 to be a showcase to celebrate the city and bring people back to its streets after the pandemic.