Made in Lockdown Art Club – Peterborough Cathedral

Amazing and moving lockdown art on display at Peterborough.

A blanket knitted to de-stress while nursing a terminally ill husband, a bright piece of needle felting to show the apps used to keep family and friends connected, and a mixed media piece of art to show a small son’s isolation – just some of the artworks created during the pandemic about to go on display in Peterborough Cathedral’s Made In Lockdown art show. 

Move over Grayson Perry: 170 artists respond to Peterborough Cathedral’s Made in Lockdown Art Club

Inspired by artist Grayson Perry’s hit lockdown television show, Grayson’s Art Club, Peterborough Cathedral’s Made in Lockdown is the result of an open invitation to anyone who made art during, or in response to the pandemic.

Over 170 artists responded and the cathedral is currently curating around 300 pieces of work ready for the exhibition which opens this Friday (21 January). Work includes pictures inspired by NHS workers, illustrations of the natural world and depictions of the isolation that lockdown caused. The exhibits range from paintings, drawings and collages, through to sculptures, models and even items of clothing and a puppet.

Artists like Vivien Stevenette who created a beautifully knitted blanket as a way to ‘de-stress’ whilst nursing her terminally ill husband through the first lockdown.

Made in Lockdown Art Club – Peterborough Cathedral

She said:

“Whenever Gareth slept, and I had a little time I would knit another square. The blanket is a reminder of that time, but it wasn’t all sadness, we were very close and spent lovely times together”.

Or Sally Malloy whose Virtual Hugs uses needle felting to show the bright digital icons of the apps that connected her with family and friends during lockdown.

Made in Lockdown Art Club – Peterborough Cathedral

And Philippa Bandurek Bradbury who captured her young son’s loneliness in mixed media piece, combining her pen and ink drawing with the sheet music for the song, and title of the piece, A Little on the Lonely Side.

Made in Lockdown Art Club – Peterborough Cathedral

While Viv Scone created a hare on a scooter Hairy, Harey times – Mad March 2020. She said:

“It was a nod to the times being out of joint and wildlife (real and imaginary) behaving differently and ‘badly’ (such as the Llangollen goats)”. 

Made in Lockdown Art Club – Peterborough Cathedral

The Very Revd Chris Dalliston, Dean of Peterborough, said:

“I hope that this exhibition will demonstrate that when it comes to the pandemic we are all in this together. Many of the art works will have been made in isolation, but by sharing these different viewpoints we can begin to break down that isolation and encourage one another. 

“And as we embark on this new year, it’s a good opportunity to look for a new perspective and viewing these artworks in the vast space of the Cathedral could just be a way to do that,’ he added.

The exhibition runs from Friday 21st January until Friday 18th February 2022. It is supported by a Near Neighbours Partner Grant, under the Covid Relief Funding called ‘Surge’.

Cathedral opening times are usually 10am – 4pm Monday to Saturday and 12 noon until 3pm on Sundays. Times sometimes change and visitors are asked to check here before visiting. Donations are invited on entry.