Choral Evensong Returns

07th September 2022

Choral Evensong typifies the English Cathedral tradition of choral worship. It features choral music, readings and prayers for the world and the church and for those in need and usually lasts around 40 minutes.

Back to school means our choirs are back and that can only mean one thing! Choral Evensong.

So join us at a cathedral near you, and mark the passing of the day.

If you can’t get along to your local cathedral, you are in luck because on Wednesday 14th September, Radio 3 will be broadcasting a recording of Evensong at Coventry Cathedral. You can listen to that here.

A chance to sing Choral Evensong in Bradford’s magnificent Cathedral.

This Sunday (September 11) Bradford Cathedral has a rare and exciting opportunity for everyone to sing evensong in their magnificent Grade I listed Gothic building, accompanied by the cathedral’s world-class choir.

Held in partnership with Cathedral Music Trust, the Royal School of Church Music and the Bradford Organists’ Association, this event will start at 1pm with a fun and relaxed rehearsal, with tuneful and accessible music, before the service itself at 3.30pm.

All music will be provided and notes learned on the day, so no preparation is required!

The service will then be followed by a drinks reception to celebrate the musical achievements of the afternoon.

Graham Thorpe, Assistant Organist at Bradford Cathedral who is organising the event said

“The inspiring musical experience of Evensong combined with a warm Bradford Cathedral welcome will stay with you for life. Evensong is a tradition as ancient as the stones of the building, and we are delighted to offer everyone a chance to experience it first-hand.” 

To guarantee a place please book your £10 tickets in advance as soon as possible here.

Not sure what Choral Evensong is? Visit our “Choral Evensong, Frequently Asked Questions” page. Just click here

And York school pupils currently in Year 3, who love singing, are encouraged to audition for a place in York Minster’s world-famous choir and the chance to be educated at St Peter’s School, York, the choir school for York Minster since September 2020. Formal singing experience is not required.

Children joining the choir, which is made up of 16 boys, 16 girls and 12 adult singers, will be part of an internationally-renowned team of singers whose voices are an essential part of worship at the cathedral. The choristers are trained by Robert Sharpe, Director of Music at York Minster.

Choristers perform at services, high profile occasions, events and concerts. They will also have the opportunity to take part in broadcasts for national media organisations such as BBC Radio 3 and Classic FM, to be involved in recordings for classical music labels, and to tour abroad.

York Minster’s choristers receive an outstanding education at St Peter’s School. The Chapter of York provides a substantial scholarship for each chorister towards school fees. Additional means-tested bursaries may potentially increase the level of funding to 100%

Robert Sharpe explained that the process aims to identify children with musicality and potential, rather than recruiting fully formed singers.  He said: 

“There will be many parents in and around York with a son or daughter who just loves singing and who may be searching for ways to nurture their child’s ability. Becoming a chorister at York Minster is an excellent way to harness a child’s musical talent.  Energy, enthusiasm and humour are just as important as musical talent.

“In addition to developing their musical skills, chorister training helps children to develop lifelong skills such as self-discipline, organisational skills, concentration, poise and attention to detail.  Choristers are educated at St Peter’s School which shares a common foundation of 627AD with the Minster, and is the fourth oldest school in the world.

“This is a unique opportunity for a child to have a superb education and to play a part in the life of one of the most important and beautiful cathedrals in the world.”

Commenting on the auditions, Jeremy Walker, Head Master of St Peter’s School York said:

“The wonderful experience of being a chorister at York Minster, combined with an outstanding education at St Peter’s, offers excellent and often life-changing opportunities for girls and boys with musical talents and interests.  I have first-hand appreciation of the incredible experience this provides, as a former chorister parent myself and Head Master of two cathedral choir schools, and encourage you and your families to find out more and consider an application.”

The new choristers will join York Minster Choir from September 2023.

About the 2023 Chorister Auditions

York Minster’s 2023 Chorister Auditions will be held in the week commencing 16 January 2023 at St Peter’s School, Clifton, York YO30 6AB.

The deadline for applications is 31 December 2022. For an application pack and more details, contact Sara Bath, Master’s PA, on 01904 527391 or email

And here is a wonderful example of Choral Evensong at York Minster. In full.

Find out more about Choral Evensong here.