Coventry Cathedral

Hill Top, Coventry has been a place of worship for the past 1,000 years. Today, visitors see the new Cathedral (consecrated in 1962) built along sided the Ruins. Inside the Cathedral are works of art, described as a ‘Casket of Jewels’, created by the artists of the 1950s and 60s. These include Sutherland’s Tapestry of Christ in Glory, contemporary stained glass and sculptures.

On the 14 November 1940, the city of Coventry was devastated by bombing. The decision to rebuild the cathedral was taken the morning after its destruction. Rebuilding would not be an act of defiance, but rather a sign of faith, trust and hope for the future. This has led to the cathedral’s Ministry of Peace and Reconciliation, which has provided spiritual and practical support, in areas of conflict throughout the world.

We consider this ministry to be our particular calling from God – sometimes described as ‘God’s thumb-print’ on us.

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