Cathedral Architects Association

The Cathedral Architects Association exists to promote excellence in the care of the country’s cathedral buildings and for the benefit of its members, to offer mutual support and to share experience.  Full membership is open to those who are appointed under the Care of Cathedrals Measure, caring for Anglican cathedrals within England.  There are other classes of membership for architects to cathedrals which fall outside of this category, such as Roman Catholic cathedrals, cathedrals in Wales and Scotland and also further afield.  The Association also acts as the interface with the relevant national bodies which are concerned with cathedral matters, such as Historic England, the Association of English Cathedrals, and the Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England.  The Association periodically runs events with a specific focus on different aspects of cathedral work, such as masonry conservation, innovations in lighting, training for future cathedral architects etc.

The Association’s Chair is Robert Kilgour, its Secretary is Ulkrike Knox, and its Treasurer is Jonathan Deeming.

More information about the Association can be found on its website:

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