Worcester Peregrines – Can you name them?

15th May 2024

Worcester Cathedral’s peregrine chicks have been ringed by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) – meaning they are now recorded on the national database and can be identified in the future.

Worcester Cathedral peregrines need names! Can you help?

Worcester Cathedral has issued a call out for members of the public to suggest names for their four peregrine chicks before they fly the nest!

They think they have two male and two female chicks. 

Please send your suggestions to info@worcestercathedral.org.uk. The four favourite names will be announced in June.

More than 350,000 viewers have tuned into the live webcams to watch the progress of the chicks. Now the ringers from the BTO have rung the chicks, measured their wing spans, weighed and recorded them on the national database.

Each colour ring has a unique letter code so the individual birds can be identified when seen in the future.  The chicks are expected to fledge later this month or in early June.

Worcester Peregrines – Can you name them?

Peregrines can live 15 or more years and just recently one of Worcester’s 2022 chicks was spotted in Bolton, Lancashire and Mr Lazy from their  2023 cohort has also been spotted at Alexandra Palace.

Chris Dobbs, Biodiversity Advisor for the Cathedral, said:

“It’s wonderful news that two of our peregrine chicks have been sighted recently and are thriving and hopefully introducing another generation of these magnificent birds in the not-too-distant future. 

“Hopefully the 2024 chicks will all fledge successfully and, with their newly fitted rings, can be identified in the future continuing Peter and Peggy’s legacy in the peregrine world!”

Peregrines love Cathedral towers because they are similar to their natural habitat nesting sites, which include quarry faces, sea cliffs, and mountainsides, as they like to have a high prospect looking over the area of their territory, which Cathedral towers and other tall buildings in cities provide.

Monitor their progress here on the livestream.

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Naming the Chicks

Please send your suggestions to info@worcestercathedral.org.uk

Worcester Peregrines – Can you name them?