‘within the light’ – Southwark Cathedral’s Lent Installation

18th February 2015

Since 2012, Lent in Southwark Cathedral has been accompanied by art installations which aim to make visitors to the Cathedral think and reflect during this important time of the Church’s year. ‘within the light’, a large-scale installation made of glass fabric by Angela Glajcar, a Frankfurt-based artist, has been chosen for exhibition during Lent this year.

Widths of glass fabric will hang one above the other forming a canopy from the base of the East end window to the choir stalls with the incidental light of the windows reflected by the material. The different light throughout the day determines the atmosphere of the space and the great lightness and translucence of the material is what creates the unique spacial poetry. The work will be in the Cathedral from Ash Wednesday, 18 February until Good Friday, 3 April. Public viewing is free.

The Very Revd Andrew Nunn, Dean of Southwark, says “There is a way of looking at Lent which is all about passivity, about denial, the self-disciplined route that can look into the self. Angela Glajcar’s work ‘Within the light’, which swoops down from the east end of the Cathedral, is dynamic and dramatic, yet has that sense of peace about it which is also there for Christians in the season of Lent. Jesus Christ described himself to his disciples as ‘the Light of the World’ and it is within his light that we travel, purposefully, dynamically and confidently towards Jerusalem, the darkness of the cross but, ultimately, the pure light of Easter. Glajcar’s challenging work will propel us there.”

Angela Glajcar, the artist, says “I am very excited to be returning to London this February to install a major work at Southwark Cathedral. This is my first large-scale installation to be exhibited in London and I hope it brings much discussion and, of course, excitement to not only those involved with the church but also visitors who come from outside a church background.”

The Cathedral acknowledges the support of the German Embassy in bringing this latest Lent Installation to Southwark. The Embassy says “We are delighted that Southwark Cathedral has invited distinguished German artist Angela Glajcar for this year’s Lent art installation. Our first association with the Cathedral is a very welcome opportunity to further present outstanding German art in the UK”.

A companion exhibition to the installation entitled White will be at The Andipa Gallery, 162 Walton Street, London SW3 2JL from Monday 2 February – Saturday 7 March. This presents an opportunity to view smaller works by the artist.