Visit Lichfield Cathedral and Walk on the Moon

15th February 2019

Visitors invited to walk on the moon at Lichfield Cathedral

A map of the moon will transform the floor of Lichfield Cathedral and visitors invited to take one small step as they think about God, the Universe and everything in a year of events inspired by the anniversary of the Moon Landing.

July 20 1969 marks 50 years since Neil Armstrong became the first man to step foot on the moon’s surface, uttering the now famous phrase “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” – an event which captured the world’s attention and sparked its imagination.

Taking that momentous event as its inspiration, Lichfield Cathedral has unveiled a programme of special services, artworks, exhibitions, lectures and worship for 2019 to explore the debate around man’s place in the universe and the meaning of the journeys that we make.

The Dean, the Very Revd Adrian Dorber said:

“To journey as a metaphor is very rich, and we want to unpack it in all its dimensions; from the actual journeys people make, the pilgrimages they choose, the way they plan, they way they prepare, what they take with them, and what they use to navigate their journey through this life.

“We have no permanent home on earth, we are pilgrims and strangers until we are at home with God,’ he added.

On the anniversary of the historic moon landing in July, the floor of Lichfield Cathedral will become a moonscape. This moon floor art installation, called One Small Step, will go on to form part of The Great Exhibition 2019; Space, God the Universe and Everything – the annual summer show by the cathedral’s artist in residence, Peter Walker in collaboration with Luxmuralis. Together they will flood the cathedral with light and sound projections inspired by space, the planets and their courses.

Throughout the spring there will be a schools projects to build a rocket and later this year, the cathedral will launch a poetry competition and festival asking people to explore the ideas of light in the darkness. Lectures will continue the dialogue between science and religion and this August’s film festival, visitors will be able to watch the films while sitting on the moon.

Said Peter:

“We want to take people on a journey of discovery, to put them in footsteps of those who have gone before, whether it is walking, fleeing your home, or on a pilgrimage.

“When you look up at the moon, it is untouchable, but we want to bring the moon to the public and invite them to take their own small step across it.

“We just want to encourage people to explore possibilities, to reach for the moon and be in that space, and to reflect on what that means for them and for all mankind,’ he added.


July 18 – One Small Step– the moon floor art installation is unveiled for first time in cathedral
July 20 – One Small Step– opens to public 20th July
Aug 18-25 – The Great Exhibition- Space, God, the Universe and Everything – sound a light show inspired by the moon landing opens.

More details can be found on the Lichfield Cathedral website here.