Unfolding at Bradford Cathedral

24th August 2021

Art is returning to Bradford Cathedral in a joint project with its neighbours, Kala Sangam, that sees a new exhibition featuring work created during the pandemic by Aire Valley Arts.

“Art, like life, has a beautiful way of unfolding”: Bradford Cathedral and Kala Sangam join up to exhibit art created during the pandemic

The pieces, created by the arts collective, will go on show in the new exhibition called ‘Unfolding’, which will be held across the two sites.

Jane Fielder of Aire Valley Arts said:
“Art, like life, has a beautiful way of unfolding in its own exquisite way and in its own natural time frame.
“We may start with an idea, a concept, a vision, but the real beauty, in art and in life, is often found when we allow a natural, unforced, free-flowing unfolding, ‘ she added.

This was the starting point for the exhibition by this local arts group who regularly exhibit in Bradford Cathedral – and it has resulted in a celebration of this natural, creative process.

The artwork that will be showcased was created during the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021

Jane Fielder continues:

“At the start of the pandemic, no one could have predicted what would happen in 2020 and 2021 and the results of each artist’s journeys were, as then, totally unknown. 

“All that was clear was the commitment of all of the artists to allow the exhibition to develop its own momentum, direction and content. 

“And therein has lain the real beauty: in the delightful surprise of the unfolding of art.”

“Unfolding” has been created and developed within the constraints and challenges of the last sixteen months, a time when normal artistic practices such as meeting together and visiting galleries have largely not been possible.

“For some, this time has been totally oppressive and constraining. For others the space made available by the pandemic has been freeing and enabling.”

Art unfolding at Bradford Cathedral

Alex Croft, Creative Director at Kala Sangam, says:

“We are delighted not only to be working with our neighbours Bradford Cathedral to host our first ever joint exhibition but also that we are supporting local artists at the same time.

“As well as celebrating Aire Valley Artists’ talent, this exhibition is the perfect way to welcome the public back to Kala Sangam and the Cathedral, two of Bradford’s best buildings, after such as long time away and we hope that each of our audiences will see it as an opportunity to explore a new space as well as visiting an old friend.”

‘Unfolding’ runs from Wednesday 1st September through to Thursday 28th October  Please visit the Bradford Cathedral or Kala Sangam websites to check for times. There may be opportunities outside of these times to see some parts of the exhibition.

Visitors are encouraged to share their thoughts on the exhibition using #AVAUnfolding on social media. The artwork is also available to buy, which can be done at the Bradford Cathedral office between 10am and 1pm or details can be left with the members of staff at the exhibition.