The Running Virger

16th April 2024

Guildford Cathedral virger, Nicola Goff will be running the virtual London Marathon this weekend raising funds for the cathedral.

Marathon running virger

No newcomer to marathons, Nicola has run virtual marathons before raising funds for cancer in 2020 and more recently, for the Tattersall Bursary Fund which supports students who don’t have the financial means to learn.

But this year, she will be running the equivalent of the London Marathon around Guildford to raise funds for the cathedral.

Nicola has supported Guildford Cathedral since 2009 and is a regular member of the congregation. She joined the virger team last year after many years volunteering in the Gift shop.

Nicola said:

“The Cathedral is a very important and special place for me, and helping the Cathedral in this way by running the marathon was an easy decision… Well, one I may regret come lunchtime on the 21 April!

“I’m grateful for any donations that people are generous enough to give and thank you for your support.”

Guildford Cathedral, known locally as the Peoples Cathedral, is used by and for the whole community, and all of the money that Nicola raises will go towards its upkeep and maintenance.

Nicola will be running a mile circuit around Guildford, in sight of the Cathedral, including the hills, until she completes the full 26.2 miles.

She has 24 hours to do so!!

If you would like to support Nicola, the link to her donate page can be found here.

The TCS London Marathon MyWay allows people the chance to complete 26.2 miles however and wherever they wish on Marathon Day – to get a finisher medal they have to complete the distance from 00:00 to 23:59:59 on Sunday 21 April