The Tension between Church and Science – Explored in Lichfield’s first Podcast

06th August 2019

“What science does is to keep on challenging me so that I don’t make God too small.”
Canon Pat Hawkins, Lichfield Cathedral.

Lichfield Cathedral’s first podcast inspired by the Lunar Landing Anniversary that explores the tension between the church and science.

It is the first time Lichfield Cathedral has made a podcast and it is part of a year of creativity at the Cathedral inspired by the Moon Landing Anniversary.

This summer the Cathedral Nave has been transformed into the lunar landscape by Artist, Peter Walker.

Called One Small Step, visitors can walk on the moon, watch films from the moon floor, there’s a summer kids’ activity project and this week the moon floor will become the centrepiece for The Great Exhibition 2019: Space, God, the Universe and Everything! an immersive light and sound experience that will take visitors back to creation in Genesis and forward through space exploration over the past 50 years.

The 20-minute long podcast was recorded on the first day One Small Step opened in the nave. It hears the artist, Peter Walker, the Dean, the Very Revd Adrian Dorber and the Cathedral’s Canon Pastor, Pat Hawkins discussing the inspiration for the Cathedral’s year of creativity and what they think the Moon Landing anniversary tells us about science and religion before catching up with visitors walking on the moon in the Cathedral to find out what they think too.

Podcast: Journeys Through Space, Light & Time
What can the Moon Landing anniversary tell us about science and religion? Lichfield Cathedral examines this through art, science, worship and poetry during a year of creativity that includes transforming the nave into a lunar landscape. But will giving people the chance to walk on the moon or journey through space help visitors and clergy pick their way through the thorny relationship between science and faith?

Presented and produced by Mark O’Brien you can listen to the podcast here.