St Albans All Blue

01st May 2020

St Albans Cathedral joins the growing number of Church of England Cathedrals to light up blue every Thursday night in recognition of the contribution made by all front line workers in this current pandemic.

Blue is the colour … St Albans Cathedral joins growing number of cathedrals turning blue

It turned blue last Thursday, 30th April for the first time and rang its bells – and will continue to do both throughout this crisis.

Chichester Cathedral also turned blue for the first time last night, thanks to the generous support of its local theatre, the Chichester Festival Theatre.

The Dean of St Albans, the Very Revd Jeffrey John said:

“We are very glad we can ring our bells remotely and light up the West End of our cathedral in blue on Thursday evenings, as a sign of appreciation and thanks on behalf of the whole community.

“We are so grateful to all those who are giving themselves to help others, especially those in the NHS and care homes, but also those who keep our shops and transport and deliveries going, or who simply go out of their way to make sure their neighbours are safe and cared for. This is a hard time, but it really does bring out the best in people, and we all want to say thank you.”

The two cathedrals join Gloucester, Rochester, Lincoln, and Ripon which have continued to light up blue to honour our health workers, carers and all frontline workers during the nationwide #ClapForOurCarers initiative every Thursday evening.

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