Solace – Ely Cathedral

26th June 2021

Ely Cathedral is hosting the glass sculpture, Solace, in its Lady Chapel as a reflective memorial to the pandemic.

The 10ft high exhibit is made up of over 100 individually sculpted glass feathers by artist Layne Rowe and these glass “angel” wings are to support visitors and worshippers as they remember loved ones and contemplate all that has happened over the past year.

The Solace installation will be on display in Ely Cathedral until 16 August.

Made up of around 100 glass feathers, each one has been individually hot sculpted and hung from the bones of the wings, which have been forged in iron by artist Ryan Harms.

Layne Rowe, the artist, installed the exhibit himself and said:

“I want these glass wings to be a symbol of freedom, unity, strength and power. A focus for people of all faiths and none, to remember the loss of loved ones and contemplate the effects of the pandemic. Surrounded by the magnificent architecture at Ely Cathedral, the light projected through the vast window of the Lady Chapel, really brings the wings to life”.

The huge majestic wings are on display in the Lady Chapel and have been installed in such a way that the public will have the opportunity to take pictures of each other in front of the wings, to appear as angels.

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