Sing2G7 – From Truro Cathedral

07th June 2021

Thousands of young singers from 27 countries will join a Sing2G7 zoom from Truro Cathedral this Wednesday to put their voices together to send a heartfelt message to the G7 world leaders ahead of the G7 summit in Cornwall which opens on Friday.

Just two more sleeps … Sing2G7 beams to the world from Truro Cathedral

Together they will sing the special Gee Seven song, written by Sir Tim Rice, and led by the choristers of Truro Cathedral at 1.30pm BST.

On Saturday ( June 12th ) the Truro Cathedral Choir will give a concert again featuring the ‘Gee Seven’ song and other accessible music from all of the G7 countries in their own language, including Londonderry Air, (Ireland) and Shenandoah (US) together with pieces by Brahms, Fauré, Eleanor Daley and Caroline Shaw and local folksong arrangements including Sakura (Japan).

The choristers are donating the royalties from their ‘Gee Seven’ single to to Unicef’s ‘Give the World A Shot’ Vaccinaid appeal via Crowdfunder

Sing2G7’s ‘Gee Seven’ by Sir Tim Rice has united children across the world. This volunteer-led programme began in Truro, Cornwall, UK last month and since then has grown with over 25,000 young voices from 27 countries signed up to ‘sing to G7’.

Esme Page, one of the volunteers behind the project explained that the aim was to empower primary school children – to make young voices audible to world leaders on issues they care about such as Climate Change, Poverty and Vaccine Equality and to make the Summit relevant to their young lives.

Sing to G7 Truro Cathedral

At the centre of the programme is ‘Gee Seven’, a song written specially for the project by Sir Tim Rice and Peter Hobbs which hundreds of primary schools have been learning, recording and posting online.

There is an accompanying 16-module Education Pack to help young people discover more about G72021 and the agenda areas – and 40,000+ pupils are already using the pack across the world.

The song ends with the strong message:

‘Gee Seven – Let nation speak to nation

Gee Seven – Don’t let the others down

Gee – Seven – Don’t forget the not so fortunate

Gee Seven – Or we’ll run you out of town’.

You can watch the song video that has inspired the phenomenal global take-up here.


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