The Seeing It Differently Helter Skelter – What They Said

19th August 2019

According to our statisticians, 99.99% of people visiting Norwich Cathedral‘s Seeing It Differently Project and their Helter Skelter absolutely loved it.

Here’s a few of the things that visitors said:
“I’ve never been in a Cathedral before – I love it. So big and beautiful and peaceful”

“I walked in the Bible Box and felt like crying – I felt held, safe and God all around me”

“It’s pure joy coming down the slide – I’m feeding off the joy”

“It was so special to see the stained glass windows up close. The Seeing It Differently project has created a real buzz around the city & I cant wait for more projects like it!”

“I’m proud that the Dean & Chapter took a risk & offered a series of opportunities which opened the Cathedral to new people & shared the Gospel story with them. Many stories of encounter with God, of hope, new life, and joy.”

“Great visit to Norwich Cathedral to see #SeeingItDifferently Helter Skelter set against the stained glass is beautiful, looked up for first time properly. Also my first time to do a labyrinth and was very impactful. Keep up with the creative ideas!”

“As a former stone carver on Chichester Cathedral it was nice to be able to get closer to the roof bosses. I never carved one and I doubt new ones get carved in this day & age. It was good to explain the process to my 10yr old granddaughter.”

“I came down with my son, I don’t know why but I felt completely overwhelmed, it was seeing the arches whizz by again and again! I felt like crying at the bottom. Came back a second time!”

“A brilliant idea and an amazing view. We are so lucky to have this experience. Thank you!”

“Wow!! It’s utterly beautiful & the contrast between its columns & construction & the stone, the pillars is gorgeous”

“A wonderful way to experience the joy of God”

For more about Norwich Cathedral’s Seeing It Differently project visit their website here.