Seeing It Differently – Launched at Norwich Cathedral with a Helter Skelter

08th August 2019

“The fun comes in the shape of a helter skelter. The serious comes in creating opportunities for reflective, God-shaped conversations.”

Norwich Cathedral launches Seeing it Differently … with a ride down a 50 ft helter skelter.

The Dean of Norwich and Norwich Cathedral choristers launched the Norwich Cathedral’s #SeeingItDifferently project today – by being the first to slide down the 50ft helter skelter just installed in the nave.

Seeing It Differently is a ten-day project that aims to give visitors the chance to experience the Cathedral in an entirely new way and open up conversations about faith.

Those climbing up to have a go on the helter skelter will be treated to unique views of the Cathedral and its famous medieval roof bosses which tell the stories from the Bible – they are the largest collection of their kind in the world.

Other Seeing It Differently installations include the chance to lie down and look up at the Cathedral’s ceiling and roof bosses, take part in a blind trust trail in the Cloisters, sit inside a Bible box and be completely surrounded by the word of God, walk a labyrinth and let that ancient spiritual practice lead your thoughts, enjoy a 30 minute walking salvation tour and discover inspiring stories of people who have seen things differently.

Seeing It Differently runs from Thursday 8 August until Sunday 18 August and is the brainchild of Norwich Cathedral’s Canon for Mission and Pastoral Care, the Revd Canon Andy Byrant. He said:

“The fun comes in the shape of a helter skelter. The serious comes in creating opportunities for reflective, God-shaped conversations. It is playful in its intent but also profoundly missional. It is the Cathedral doing what it has always done – encouraging conversations about God. By its sheer size and grandeur it speaks of the things of God; it points beyond itself. Its sheer presence helps to keep the rumour of God alive and plays its part in passing on the story of Salvation.”

Read his blog: An Invitation to some Serious Fun here.

The helter skelter will be open to the public from the afternoon of Thursday 8 August and will cost £2 per person to slide down it. Entrance to the cathedral and all the other Seeing It Differently installations are free.

General opening times for Seeing It Differently will be 10am-5pm Monday to Saturday and 12 noon-3pm on Sundays.

Throughout the whole of the Seeing It Differently project, Norwich Cathedral’s regular rhythm of worship will continue as normal.

For more details visit the Norwich Cathedral website.