Prayers for Ukraine

24th February 2022

We are at a perilous situation where war in Europe is more likely than it has ever been since 1945. We lament the invasion of Ukraine and fear for the consequences.

Prayers for Ukraine

Prayers are being said in many of our cathedrals today asking for reconciliation and peace.

Know we are here.


Prayer for Ukraine

The Lord shall give strength to his people;

the Lord shall give his people the blessing of peace.

(Psalm 29.10)

Stand With Ukraine - Pray for Ukraine

Our doors are open and we offer space for prayer, reflection and candle lighting.

The Very Revd Adrian Dorber, chair of the Association of English Cathedrals and the Dean of Lichfield, where prayers will be offered at the foot of the cross to ask God for reconciliation and peace, said:

“We can only hold this tragedy before God and pray Jesus’s last words on the cross; Father forgive and then ask the Holy Spirit to equip us to be peace-makers, healers and reconcilers through practical acts of compassion and the pressure we bring to bear on leaders and governments to work for peace founded on justice.”