Peterborough Cathedral – Wakes Up, Smells the Coffee

20th September 2019

The carbon footprint of 901 year old Peterborough Cathedral is set to reduce significantly thanks to a major sponsorship deal with an international coffee company which has its roots firmly in the city.

Masteroast, the Peterborough based company’s support will enable the Cathedral to replace its existing halogen light bulbs with around 250 energy-efficient, long lasting LED’s. It is estimated that this will reduce the Cathedral’s electricity use by 21%, thus bringing down its costs as well as its energy consumption.

The need for urgent action in response to climate change has been a theme taken up by the Dean of Peterborough, the Very Revd Chris Dalliston, especially during the exhibition of the Gaia Earth Artwork this summer. He said:

“Having the Gaia artwork displayed in the Cathedral has really focused our minds on what we can do to live more sustainably on our beautiful, God-given planet. As an organisation we are looking at ways in which we can improve our environmental impact, but to take the major step of replacing the lightbulbs in the Cathedral would simply be beyond our means were it not for the generous support of Masteroast. We are hugely grateful to them for having the vision to support us in this particular endeavour.”

Masteroast, which employs 150 people in Peterborough and also operates in coffee producing companies worldwide, has a strong commitment to running its business in an environmentally sustainable way. It’s Peterborough facility boasts industry leading catalytic treatment of carbon emissions and it has recently pioneered plastic free packaging for coffee products in retail.

The company has been a long term supporter of the Cathedral and contributed to the Peterborough 900 Campaign in the years leading up to the 2018 anniversary. Its Chairman, Les Mills, said:

“As an international company, Masteroast often hosts visitors from overseas and we love to bring them to see the Cathedral. It is a magnificent and unforgettable place and we are delighted to be able to help meet this practical need for low energy lighting. Whether you look at this from an environmental or a cost saving basis, it makes perfect sense. It is important for the business community to support the Cathedral and recognise that it is a vital part of the city’s identity.”

Subject to completion of the formal approval process, work is expected to begin on installing the LED’s within the next few months.

Anyone interested in supporting the Cathedral is invited to contact Dawn Caplin, Head of fundraising and Development on 01733 355311 or 07849 946937 or