Pet Service – Sunday at St Albans Cathedral

29th September 2023

All creatures great and small are invited to St Albans Cathedral this Sunday – for the first pet service in the cathedral.

St Albans Cathedral holds its first ever pet service this Sunday

A spokesperson for the cathedral said it would be a short informal service that would bless and give thanks for all God’s creatures and the joy and companionship they bring to us in our daily lives.

St Albans Cathedral holds its first ever pet service this Sunday

Last weekend Ely Cathedral held its annual pet service and welcomed over 700 people and their pets, including goats, donkeys as well as dogs and cats.

In Worcester Cathedral, Pablo the goat left churchgoers in stitches after he appeared to bleat along to the organ music during an animal blessing service in September last year.

Footage of the goat taking part in the service went viral and was viewed more than two million times. He was so popular that Pablo was invited back to the Cathedral as a ‘guest of honour’ in March this year where he once more joined with the congregation singing along to All Things Bright and Beautiful.

St Albans first pet service will take place this Sunday (1 October) 3-4pm Bring your pets! All are welcome!

St Edmundsbury Cathedral will host its special Pet Service on 8 October offering people the chance to reflect on the role pets have in our lives.

Well-behaved animals are very welcome to come for a blessing – or people can bring a photograph if they feel they cannot bring their pet and there will be time to thank God for pets we have loved and lost.

The Reverend Anita Rooney, St Edmundsbury Cathedral Curate, said:

“This is a fun service with a heartfelt message. Pets can be incredibly important in our lives; they can offer comfort, companionship, and purpose. 

“This was particularly evident in lockdown when our pets became particularly important to us. 

“We’d really love to see people bring their pets in and we’ll embrace the chaos that may ensue!”

St Edmundsbury Pet Festival – Sunday 8th October – 2pm