Peregrine Egg Laid

16th March 2021

Salisbury Cathedral’s peregrine has laid its first egg of the year – just four days after the cameras went live.

Salisbury Cathedral peregrine lays first egg of 2021

At 11.40 last night the female laid her first egg, staying with it overnight until just after 6am this morning (Tuesday) when her mate came in and took over.

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The pair won’t start incubating the egg yet, but they will sit on the egg for brief periods.

Incubation will begin in earnest after she has laid a full clutch (usually around 3 or 4 eggs). Eggs are generally laid at 2-3 day intervals. Once the female has laid her full clutch, she will sit on the eggs for 29-30 days before they hatch, which hopefully means chicks in late April.

All good news for pupils at St Martin’s Primary School Salisbury and Shrewton Primary School, who are taking the Cathedral’s Education team’s peregrine lesson plan for the first time!