National Cathedrals Conference – Miss anything?

25th May 2022

“We should do this more often”

The 2nd National Cathedrals drew to a successful close last week. A four day event where key players and key speakers from English Cathedrals gathered at Newcastle Cathedral to draw breath on recent global and national change, and exchange wisdom on the challenges and opportunities for the future direction of the Church and society.

Race, sustainability, recovery, social justice, climate, community and inclusion were all discussed.

Missed anything?

Catch up on all the conference news by clicking here. Or on the image below.

National Cathedrals Conference - News


You can watch all the speakers from all 4 days on YouTube here. Or on the playlist below. There are 21 speakers to watch.

National Cathedrals Conference - News


And you can listen to the students from Northumbria chatting what they learnt on Spotify here or by clicking below.

National Cathedrals Conference Podcast on Spotify


And finally if you want any of the presentations, they are all available here.

Lead Photo – David Pickering.