Liverpool LightNight

16th May 2020

Liverpool Cathedral was lit up by a projection of colours, symbolising hope, solidarity and community to mark what would have been the city’s eleventh LightNight over the weekend.

Liverpool spirit shines bright with LightNight in lockdown

Liverpool LightNight

Organised by Open Culture, a social enterprise arts organisation, LightNight celebrates the city’s vibrant arts and culture scene and attracts thousands who flock to Liverpool’s streets to enjoy a free culture crawl.

And this year – despite lockdown and people staying at home – they still managed to pull it off.

Projections were created on significant buildings across the city – including these rainbows across the city’s Church of England cathedral and a host of different arts and cultural organisations came together in lockdown to share work .

Using the hashtag #LightNightatHome, artists, organisations and creatives who would have participated in the festival shared their work online.

The projections were created by two of Liverpool creative tech companies Adlib and Draw and Code.