Lichfield Cathedral Stonework Demonstrations

08th September 2023

Lichfield Cathedral will host free stonework demonstrations in front of the cathedral this week as work gets underway to repair and restore stonework on the cathedral’s iconic central spire thanks to funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The demonstrations are a unique opportunity to see the skills and tools of modern stonemasons, learn what has changed over the centuries, and what remains of this ancient craft.

Free stonework demonstrations at Lichfield Cathedral

Stonemasons will be demonstrating at ground level the work being done to restore the badly damaged central spire with a special area set aside for the public to view them at work, examine details of the Cathedral that is usually too high up to see, see the tools that are used to shape the stones and to ask questions about the valuable work they do.

Kayley Harrison, Clerk of Works at Lichfield Cathedral said:

“The work on the central spire not only secures this local landmark for centuries to come but also allows us to highlight the skilled work of the craftspeople that have put their life and soul into the Cathedral across the centuries. 

“We are pleased to offer these demonstrations for free to the public to give visitors an insight into the work happening behind the scaffolding currently covering the central spire.”

The restoration of the central spire at Lichfield Cathedral is made possible thanks to The National Lottery Heritage Fund, the generous contributions from donors, individuals, and organisations and the players of the National Lottery.

Free stonework demonstrations outside the Cathedral from monday (11 September) until Saturday (16 September) 10-3pm