Let the light shine

20th December 2022

As we enjoy the lights of Christmas all around us may we also remember the suffering of those in our own communities, and across the world, for whom the light of hope and love seems dim or is invisible right now.

Let the Light Shine – A Christmas Message from the Chair of the Association of English Cathedrals

It was the light of a star which guided people to find the Christ child who was born at the margins, born into a refugee family, born to show us the way of love. As an adult, Jesus spoke of bringing the kingdom of light into the world.  He also called humankind to be bearers of that light through our lives, to be agents of hope, to bring love in action to the world through our welcome, our care and our generosity.

So, as we each enjoy the lights of Christmas, may we find space in our hearts and minds to remember what these Christmas symbols stand for – the light of God’s love for all the world.

May we each, also, look around us to see how we can do something to shine the light of hope and love for others this Christmas.  Let us bring light to the lonely, the vulnerable, those who are afraid, and those who mourn for there can be no strangers among those drawn to the manger, the light shines for all.

In this way we know and live the heart of the Christmas story.  Let the light shine!

Dean Jo Kelly-Moore, Chair of the Association of English Cathedrals, Dean of St Albans.

Christmas 2022