Launching Today – Cathedral Ceilings, Always Look Up

19th June 2024

Introducing our exciting Summer 2024 campaign, Cathedral Ceilings, Always Look Up.

They’ve survived significant religious upheaval, two world wars and the British weather … but these soaring arches, timeless stone, carvings, paintings and intricate detail invite just one thing: “Lift up your eyes.”

Cathedral Ceilings, Always Look Up

Take an early look at the ceilings and read all about their history here.

Cathedral Ceilings Campaign Launch

#AlwaysLookUp is our summer campaign that invites visitors and worshippers to turn their eyes upwards, lift up their gaze and stay awhile to discover a treasure trove of centuries-old carvings and paintings and an explosion of colour on the ceilings of our cathedrals.

There they can find carved wooden angels playing golden instruments and hundreds of roof bosses depicting figures and images from Bible stories and Medieval history that have inspired generations of churchgoers to glimpse a little piece of heaven from their place on earth.

These are the very best feats of engineering, soaring, spectacular fan vaulting and chancel cloisters, so if you only do one thing this summer, lift up your eyes, always look up … and see what you might discover.

Visit the Cathedral Ceilings, Always Look Up campaign page here.