Kent Corona Quilt – Rochester Cathedral

27th May 2021

Comfort for those who lost loved ones.

Family and friends who lost loved ones to the coronavirus might find comfort in a locally made quilt to remember their names that is on display in Rochester Cathedral.

The Kent Coronavirus Quilt is the brainchild of local artist Amber Rose who started the project during the first lockdown.

Amber Rose chose to reach out to local families who had lost a family member or friend to the Coronavirus by creating a colourful patchwork quilt dedicated in memory of their loved ones.

The project aims to recognise that loss and hope they find  comfort from the fact that the community joins them in grieving and remembrance.

She said:

“The main body of the quilt was stitched in my garden during the warm spring sunshine of the first lockdown in 2020. The vibrant colours used uplift the sombre mood, bringing joy and comfort to those remembering loved ones by taking the focus away from daily statistics. 

Materials used were what I already had at home, since shops were closed and travel restricted. After four weeks of stitching, the base was completed and I reached out to local families in Kent inviting them to take part in creating this quilt in memory of their loved ones. They did this by sending me a piece of fabric or clothing that is associated with that person for me to then hand appliqued a heart using the fabric and embroider their name by it. 

Wonderful letters and fabrics came through with beautiful and touching life stories they all had to tell. They affected me deeply. My wish was to give these families the knowledge that their loss is recognised, and the comfort that the community joins them in grieving and remembrance. 

One of the hearts is knitted, which were sent to patients whose families were not allowed to visit in person, the hearts would be held close by their loved one and provide comfort, just like the quilt offers a warm embrace to the families in morning.”

The four quotes and poems in the corners of the quilt reflect the hope and worldwide effort to find a way through this pandemic.

Around the quilt are some of the thoughts and questions expressed by those who were left to mourn alone:

alone but not alone – test track trace – can you hear me – in isolation – I need a hug – stay safe – my family – my loved one – I’m right here – all the World United – if only – so sorry – what happened – let it be – hold onto hope – i miss you – surrounded by love – always – we’ll meet again – forever in my heart – remember – I love you