Hodge the Cat Stamps his Pawprint on the Coronation Celebrations

03rd May 2023

Hodge, our most famous Cathedral Cat has wound his way into the Coronation celebrations by featuring in God Save the King, a new illustrated guide to the National Anthem which will be launched in Southwark Cathedral to mark the Coronation weekend.

Hodge the cat stamps his pawprint firmly on the Coronation celebrations at Southwark Cathedral this weekend.

First recorded as a prayer more than three thousand years ago and used at every coronation since 973AD, the anthem has become part of who we are as a nation.

God Save the King uses the words of our national anthem (first and last verses) and takes us on a tour of the UK, celebrating so many aspects of our culture: our creativity and sportsmanship, our NHS and frontline services, our rich agricultural and maritime heritage, our forward-looking urban regeneration alongside our rural and seaside traditions and our unrivalled ability to queue.

There will be a Celebratory Evensong to mark the Coronation on Sunday with prayers and readings by actor Timothy West, CBE and this will be followed by the launch of the new book, God Save the King – A Guide to the National Anthem published by Hodder Faith.

The Dean of Southwark, The Very Reverend Andrew Nunn, will be in conversation with Classic FM’s Anne-Marie Minhall who provided the introduction to this new publication, and local artist Rosie Brooks who brought it to life with her colourful illustrations – including featuring Hodge, Southwark’s famous cat who was rescued by the cat charity, Catcuddles Sanctuary in the summer of 2020 and found her new home in the cathedral.

Other Coronation events at Southwark include a talk by journalist, author, media commentator and broadcaster, Catherine Pepinster, who will ask why does the Church have such prominence in state affairs and should it keep this position in today’s multi-faith Britain.

Defenders of the Faith | A Talk by Catherine Pepinster, 6.30pm. Tickets £5, available from Eventbrite.

And there will be a Coronation Organ spectacular by Southwark’s assistant organist on Monday with music by Handel, Stanley, Boyce, Greene, and Walton.

Do check local websites to check times and last minute information. All our cathedrals are featuring events, worship and music to mark the Coronation. Find what’s happening at yours.

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