Harvest Festival 2022

30th September 2022

The main nave in Ely Cathedral will be filled with spectacular floral displays, there will be demonstrations of low-cost cooking in a time of financial crisis and the public is invited to share messages of support with farmers at home and in Ukraine.

Harvest Festival in our Cathedrals

Thousands of hungry people will benefit this Harvest Festival time as cathedrals up and down the country are tackling food poverty and the cost of living crisis by donating their gifts to food banks, crisis or homeless centres and other similar projects.

St Edmundsbury Cathedral will host the County Harvest Festival this Sunday (2 October) with local farmers and people from across the county. There will be worship, food, drink, children’s activities, craft stalls and Suffolk Trinity livestock (Suffolk Punch, Red Poll cattle and Suffolk Sheep).

People are asked to bring tins and fresh produce to distribute to local charities.

For details and to book, click here.

Cathedral Isle of Man offers the Big Table Café every Monday where people are invited to eat what they want and pay what they can with donations in brown paper envelopes so no one knows how little or much is being paid – or even if it is empty.

There is a local foodbank at the back of the cathedral too, and they and make up food parcels for those in need.

Lichfield Cathedral is currently looking at ways to establish a warm hub this autumn/winter. It took part in the Government’s Kickstart initiative and has been instrumental in helping almost 30 young unemployedpeople find valuable work placements in the region ranging from grounds maintenance to children’s workers and marketing assistants – all providing valuable work experience from one of the age groups hardest hit by the pandemic.

Ely has a range of events for harvest starting 7 October including the Ely Creative Community Food Fair,organised by Ely Community Lunches, the fair is free and welcomes people of all ages and abilities. There will be demonstrations, stalls and resources sharing innovative and traditional cooking skills, and new ways of purchasing seasonal, low-cost and nutritious food on a budget, as we experience the potential impacts of the new financial environment.

In a statement posted on their website, the Church Urban Fund states:

“Together, we’re facing a tipping point. We are seeing everything rise around us – the price of food and fuel, debt, homelessness, and loneliness. Some of us are worried about paying our bills or where our next meal will come from. Others are facing unsustainable debt or homelessness as a real risk for the first time in their lives.

“Here at CUF, we are working alongside local churches and community groups who are responding to and speaking out for people in need. They provide safe spaces for people to access warmth, food, shelter, support services, and, perhaps most importantly, conversation and care. “

Please check out your individual cathedral website to find out about harvest near you.