‘Greenest’ Cathedral in country warms soles of worshippers

13th December 2013

Manchester Cathedral has reopened following an innovative renovation project which has radically adjusted its heating system.  The new system will make Manchester Cathedral the most environmentally friendly cathedral in the country because the ground source heat pumps will deliver 80% of its heating requirements from “natural energy stored in the earth”.

The Cathedral renovation was long overdue since its previous heating system had been in place since 1950, before the term ‘green energy’ was even invented!  During the excavation process a number of burial sites were found which were analysed and the remains reburied; also safely removed was a large amount of asbestos from the previous system.

The Very Reverend Rogers Govender, Dean of Manchester, said: “levels of heat are very important for both visitors and worshippers alike.  The recent extremely cold winters have embarrassed the Cathedral as temperatures were unacceptably low.  We are incredibly pleased that we can carry out this work in a sustainable and responsible way, ensuring the Cathedral is fit for the future.”