English Tourism Week – Bradford and St Albans Cathedral Videos Released

21st March 2023

Bradford Cathedral and St Albans Cathedral have launched a series of new videos highlighting some of the little-known treasures that can be found in their buildings to mark English Tourism Week.

Bradford’s campaign is called ‘Written in Stone’ and will reveal stories about the masons’ marks found in the Cathedral, the Saxon stone, the Bolling doorway, and the ‘Mystery Memorial’.

St Albans is producing a photo and video series which will feature a Cathedral Tour Guide taking viewers on a virtual journey to some of the lesser-known treasures that can be found in the cathedral.

Both cathedrals will release the videos across their social media platforms and hope it encourages visitors to come and see for themselves.

Here’s one from St Albans, listen out for the statue found covered in lipstick!


Maggie Myers, Bradford Cathedral’s Director of Education and Visitors, said:

“This year for English Tourism Week we decided to highlight some of the hidden delights of Bradford Cathedral’s stonework. Many of these features have been here for centuries, but you wouldn’t notice them unless someone pointed them out to you.

“We look forward to people watching the videos and then coming to see these features in situ at a later date.”

English Tourism Week is an annual celebration of the tourism industry, showcasing its economic importance to local economies and communities. It runs from Friday 17 March to Sunday 26 March.