English cathedrals and monasteries: new interactive resource

10th December 2013

English Cathedrals and Monasteries through the Centuries is major new digital resource that combines easily accessible introductions to the latest academic research on cathedrals and religious houses with interactive image, audio and video multimedia.

The resource explores every aspect of cathedral and monastic life, from the Roman church to the present day, and examines the influence of these religious powerhouses on national and international history, the evolution of communities, and their roles as drivers for development in worship, music, art and architecture. This rich history is related to specific contexts by the resource’s 114 case studies, which detail every Anglican cathedral, a selection of Roman Catholic cathedrals, and in-depth studies of religious communities of every size and variation past and present.

Alongside the comprehensive article-based content is an interactive ‘Resource Centre’, which provides access to the resource’s encyclopedia of thousands of terms, nearly 2,000 images, and an extensive bibliography of primary and secondary texts – all of which are fully searchable via keyword. Also available within the Resource Centre is an interactive style guide, detailing the development of cathedral architecture via 3D models, and a monastic gazetteer of over 700 religious houses.

  • Contributions from over 180 leading academics and practitioners.
  • Gallery of nearly 2,000 images from national and international collections.
  • Video introductions to Durham Cathedral, Finchale Priory, and Deerhurst priory and church.
  • Recorded samples of cathedral and monastic music by world-class artists.
  • Architectural style-guide detailing the development of cathedral architecture via 3D models.
  • Monastic gazetteer with detailed records for over 700 religious houses.

This exciting new resource is available from the Centre for Study of Christianity and Culture at the University of York