Love your job? – Truro Cathedral’s Director of Music Does

17th January 2019

Do you love your job?

Christopher Gray does – he’s Truro Cathedral’s Director of Music – watch and listen to his story here.

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Truro Cathedral’s Director of Music, Christopher Gray speaks about his love for his job and the power of music in this new short film – part of the Living Faith series exploring vocation in the Diocese of Truro.

“Music is something of the spirit; it goes in very deep to an area we can’t quite understand.

“Music has the power to go beyond words – and I think God is maybe somewhere similarly deep within us.”

“Whatever’s happening in the world, the choir walks in at 5.30pm on a Monday and sings the service that day … and there is something about that regularity that speaks to the unchanging and timelessness of God.”

Christopher has led the choir at Truro Cathedral for ten years and loves his job. The cathedral opened its doors in November 1887 and the choir has been singing services there ever since.

“We are custodians of that tradition. The challenge is to work out what is right for evolution and development, but to make sure we are pretty uncompromising about keeping the elements that define us the same.

“Each person – whether they’ve been here six or 50 years – has give a huge amount of their being to innovate and keep relevant the choral tradition here…”

“I try to do that in my own way…”

“If you feel a calling to do something, it’s good to water that seed, because otherwise what is life really about?

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