Dandelions and Double Yellows – Wakefield Cathedral

06th July 2021

Looking down and celebrating the humble dandelion is the subject of an art exhibition celebrating our urban diversity that opens in Wakefield Cathedral this weekend.

Dandelions and Double Yellows at Wakefield Cathedral is a natural world project featuring artist Helen Thomas’s paintings.

Helen spent lockdown sketching the natural world on her doorstep – the result is her latest exhibition of new paintings informed by her observations of pavement plants and local flora.

She said:

“These plants, which are often dismissed as weeds, offer a significant contribution to urban biodiversity as well as bring colour and interest to our neighbourhoods, villages and towns.”

Dandelions and Double Yellows – Your Gallery is inviting local people to be part of the exhibition by featuring their sketches, paintings and photos of pavement plants. Deadline for entries is 28 July and you can find out more here.

Dandelions and Double Yellows is funded by Arts Council England and part funded by Wakefield Council. The project is supported by The Art House, Makey Wakey, and Wakefield Cathedral.

It opens in Wakefield Cathedral on Saturday (10 July) and runs until August and is part of Wakefield Council’s Festival of Earth event which will see Luke Jerram’s installation of planet Earth, Gaia installed in the cathedral later in the year.