Coventry Cathedral expands its Volunteer Provision

13th January 2023

Coventry Cathedral has announced it has been awarded a new grant from Benefact Trust that will help sustain and develop its mission by expanding its volunteer provision.

Happy New Year Coventry Cathedral – grant from Benefact Trust means it can expand its volunteer provision.

Coventry Cathedral said volunteers were crucial for the sustainability of the Cathedral, the Ruins and the Blitz museum’s heritage.

The Dean of Coventry, the Very Revd John Witcombe, said:

“We are incredibly grateful for the support of Benefact Trust in the life of Coventry Cathedral, to enable us to sustain and develop our mission.

“Our particular history as a ruined and rebuilt cathedral offers fantastic opportunities, especially to use our story to influence and shape the lives of our many and diverse visitors, who make the most of our building for creative and imaginative worship.

“But it also presents challenges of property maintenance, of resourcing the worship, and to recruit and develop a strong team of volunteers who welcome and guide our visitors.

“The Benefact Trust grant has supported the appointment of a new property manager, and enabled us to create new posts both in liturgical administrative support and volunteer management, which are having a significant impact in our community engagement.’

The grant from Benefact Trust means the Cathedral will be able to recruit more volunteer roles including a Volunteer Speaker, who will be an ambassador for the Cathedral providing talks for older people in residential homes, religious groups, and youth clubs. It allows them to set up more regular volunteer get-togethers and it has part funded a part-time Volunteer Coordinator who supports the volunteers and their roles for training, monitoring and engagement.

Mandy, Head of Fundraising, said:

“Funding volunteering is so important but it comes with a cost and that’s why we are so grateful to the Benefact Trust for funding our incredible volunteering here at Coventry Cathedral.”