Community of Prayer – Durham Cathedral

24th May 2023

It was born in lockdown, and now, three years later it has made a very special pilgrimage to meet in person for the first time.

Community of Prayer online worship at Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral was one of the first cathedrals to livestream its daily services just days after the UK went into lockdown in March 2020 and by that September it had launched a Community of Prayer in response to the growing number of loyal online worshippers.

That community is currently 370 members strong and has just met for the first time in Durham, staying within the Cathedral buildings and grounds as part of a special pilgrimage.

Durham Cathedral’s Canon Charlie Allen, who established the Community of Prayer, said:

“Members of this group have been joining us daily for worship via our live stream for three years now and count themselves very much part of the cathedral family.

“We have been delighted to welcome them on behalf of the Northeast as for many, this was their first time physically in Durham itself and, for some, their first time within the UK.”

They came together in person for prayers and worship and were given behind-the-scenes tours, VIP access to the cathedral’s museum and even got to try their hand at stone masonry in the cathedral’s works yard.

Over the course of several days, the group made time for prayer and reflection as well as visiting locations linked to St Cuthbert and other Northern Saints across the region. They visited Jarrow Hall, the Angel of the North, took a boat trip around the Farne Islands and walked ‘The Pilgrim Way’ at Lindisfarne.

Anne Collins from the Community of Prayer said:

‘I found the Community right at the very beginning of lockdown when we were all searching for a way to pray and to be in a community.

“Since then the Community has continued to be a lifeline through the rhythm of prayer and for the connection to a place both sacred and historic. I look forward to continuing my pilgrimage with those I now journey alongside.’

The Community of Prayer is global with members from as far afield as Australia, Finland, Canada and the Philippines as well as places closer to home.

This pilgrimage is the first time members of this unique project have met in person.

Many cathedrals dialled down their live streams when in-person worshipping was able to return, but Durham Cathedral realised the value of this virtual community and the Community of Prayer continues to go from strength to strength with over 500 people regularly connecting with its online daily services.

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