Cathedrals Workshop Fellowship – Lichfield Joins

04th August 2023

Lichfield Cathedral is the latest cathedral to open its own dedicated stonemason’s yard to preserve its own legacy while passing on traditional heritage craft skills to future generations.

Lichfield is the latest Cathedral to join the Cathedrals Workshop Fellowship

It has just announced it has joined the Cathedrals’ Workshop Fellowship as its twelfth member joining fellow English Cathedrals, Canterbury, Chester, Durham, Exeter, Gloucester, Lincoln, Salisbury, Westminster Abbey, Winchester, Worcester, and York Minster.

With a grant from the Cathedrals Workshop Fellowship and the Hamish Ogston Foundation, Lichfield plans to set up a works department and workshop facility in one of the properties within its grounds and is actively looking to take on a stonemason and an apprentice this year.

Simon Warburton, Executive Director of Lichfield Cathedral, said:

“This alliance propels us into a promising era of collaboration and growth. With the unwavering support of the Hamish Ogston Foundation and the guidance of the Cathedrals’ Workshop Fellowship, Lichfield Cathedral is poised to thrive as a centre of expertise in both heritage preservation and artisanal craftsmanship in Staffordshire.”

The Hamish Ogston Foundation (HOF) Craft Training Programme is a craft skills education and training programme designed to support the conservation, maintenance and repair of cathedrals and adjoining historic buildings around the UK. It is run by the Cathedrals’ Workshop Fellowship.  This is a partnership of (now) twelve Anglican cathedrals that together are supporting and creating a new generation of craftsmen and women.

The Hamish Ogston Foundation has pledged a total of £3.5milllion to support this initiative to train the cathedral and historic building workers of the future.

Frances Cambrook, Executive Director of CWF said the CWF was delighted to welcome Lichfield Cathedral as its twelfth member.

“As we witness a significant nationwide effort in the sustainable conservation of historic buildings and the acquisition and retention of craft skills, Lichfield’s inclusion is a testament to the collective dedication to preserving our rich heritage.”

The acting Dean of Lichfield, the Rt Revd Jan McFarlane said:

“We are the custodians of this magnificent cathedral here in Lichfield and want to be able to pass it on to future generations as generations past have passed it on to us.

Lichfield is latest cathedral to join the Cathedrals Workshop Fellowship

“This partnership will allow us to appoint a stonemason and a trainee stonemason, to ensure that not only are we passing on a stunningly beautiful building to the next generation, but that we’re also helping to ensure that the skills needed to maintain our precious heritage are passed on too,” she added.