Cathedrals – More than a Building

Never mind the architecture: Meet the people. #MoreThanABuilding

RAF pilot, teacher, paparazzi, gardener, florist, firefighter, homeless, project manager, heritage lover, painter and decorator and a stray cat all help tell the stories of our English Cathedrals.

This summer we have launched a campaign called #MoreThanABuilding that goes beyond the stunning architecture and heritage of our beautiful cathedral buildings to find out more about the people who bring our cathedrals to life for our 11 million plus visitors a year.

Like former RAF pilot and City worker, Jeremy Mudford, now welcoming team leader at Chichester Cathedral, or Kath Jones, former paparazzi, who found herself homeless, and is Hereford Cathedral’s chorister tutor, or Mohsen Chinaveh, a civil engineer and businessman who, as a Christian, was forced to flee his native Iran and seek asylum in the UK. He is a volunteer welcomer and Farsi interpreter at Wakefield Cathedral. And how could we forget Doorkins the Magnificat who helps tell the story of her adopted home, Southwark Cathedral.

This summer discover #MoreThanABuilding as we share new stories about the people who bring our cathedrals to life, and, with links back to the cathedrals you can  find out What’s On this summer at a cathedral near you, and meet them for yourself.

As Louise Kenyon, Super Temp, at Guildford Cathedral said:

“You quickly learn in a cathedral that you can’t just exist within the confines of your own job, cathedral life does not work like that. It’s the people that make the difference; they can just light up the Cathedral.”

Never mind the architecture: Meet the people. 

#MoreThanABuilding watch the video here.