Cathedral Summer – Video

22nd August 2022

Same old, same old? It’s anything but at cathedrals this Summer. VIDEO.

An amazing summer of amazing things to see and do at cathedrals right across the country.

This video is just a selection of what has been and is going on. Check your cathedrals website for more details and scroll down for more information about everything featured in our little video.

Worship and the normal rhythm of cathedral life continues as ever at ALL of our cathedrals.


  1. Title slide, Liverpool Cathedral
  2. Chichester Cathedral, Together We Rise – Bearing Witness to Things Unseen, Simon Hitchens
  3. Peterborough Cathedral, T-Rex. The Killer Question
  4. Salisbury Cathedral, Grayson Perry, Vanity of Small Differences
  5. Liverpool Cathedral, Being Human – Peter Walker Artist and Sculptor.
  6. Sheffield Cathedral, Brickosaurs
  7. Ely Cathedral, Crowns and Gowns II
  8. Southwark Cathedral, The Small House by Richard Woods
  9. Newcastle Cathedral, Brilliant Beasts
  10. Chichester Cathedral, Together We Rise – Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand, Fiona Campbell
  11. Carlisle Cathedral, Rest Under the Stars
  12. Durham Cathedral, Skull of St Bede
  13. Lichfield Cathedral, The Beach
  14. Rochester Cathedral, All About Bridges
  15. Norwich Cathedral, Elizabeth I – Putting on a Progress 1578
  16. Ripon Cathedral, worship continues at all of our cathedrals.