Cathedral Cycle Routes – Shaun Cutler

24th April 2021

Are you ready?

We’re getting ready for the launch of the new Cathedrals Cycle Route – so whatever cathedral you visit this year as we slowly and safely begin to re-open, know you can come on two wheels, four wheels and on foot with lots of new routes to discover leading to every one of our 42 cathedrals and devised for all forms of transport.

More about the new Cathedral Cycle Routes here.

The Cathedrals Cycle Route is a 2,000 mile route that links every one of our Church of England cathedrals with short and long distance cycling opportunities between cathedrals for all abilities, to promote greener travel, new partnerships and fundraising for physical and mental well-being activities.

It was the invention of keen cyclist and entrepreneur, Shaun Cutler from Northumbria University and was developed from a PhD research programme involving Newcastle Cathedral and Northumbria University.

Shaun and a small group of cyclists will launch the route with a relay event, Cycling With Purpose, setting out from Newcastle Cathedral, the most northerly Anglican Cathedral, on Sunday May 30.

The relay will coincide with The World’s Biggest Bike Ride, marking the opening day of Bike Week (May 30 – June 5 2021), the annual celebration of all things cycling, delivered by Cycling UK.

In this blog post from Newcastle Cathedral, Shaun explains the motivation behind the route.